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Just Right- Tessa Violet (Cover):

Soo me and lifeasandrea finally were able to completly sing this without messing up or laughing and are so proud. Hope tessa will see it cuz she is the amazing singer who inspired us!!!


Gifted me and my Bestie/ lifeasandrea from one of her old videos where we ramble about our obsession of Catfish! Go cheak it out!! 

Aquatica yesterday with bookaddictandproud :)


The day me and my friend toke out phan whisker pictures we accidently made the same exact faces as the boys..never will get over this pic :D lifeasandrea

Ladies and gentlemen I present the joesugg Sims 4 Sim! (I know he doesn’t look that accurate but go easy on me, he’s only the second Sims 4 sim I’ve ever created!)

Today I made this and spent at least 3 minutes of my life erasing the white background around that Emoji

Go watch the video!


my mom always asks me why i answer calls from numbers i dont know and im like mom what if nev from catfish calls

Laughing with my friend Sophie, small clip featured in my new video aah


When your mum whips out her vlogging camera again. 

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9 Places I actually wouldn’t mind working

I’m not going to lie, the thought of being a productive member of society is a little daunting. The idea of waking up early day in and day out with no three month summer vacation every year sounds nearly unbearable. Needless to say, I’m not stoked about my future acquisition of a real job. However, it got me thinking about places that would make working at least partially palatable. Most of these aren’t long term careers, I think only one could be. But either way, I have compiled a list of places I would be okay with being employed by, and here is that list.

1. Disney World- It may sound childish, but I am a Disney fanatic. Currently a fourth time annual passholder, Disney World is a very fun and special place for me. I know people say that working there “ruins the magic”, but I am not under some hypnotic spell that everyone at Disney has a perfect life and it is all smiles and sunshine, I realize it’s mostly or at least in part false, but playing pretend is still fun and it doesn’t bother me to admit that. I just like it, and considering I have heard many spoilers from my cousin who already works there, it wouldn’t ruin anything for me. Disney is a fun place and I would love to go there everyday to see little kids who are having the time of their lives. Also, free tickets.

2. IKEA- I have a sick obsession with IKEA and I am not ashamed to admit that. Furniture stores in general tickle my fancy but IKEA is like a furniture store on crack, and the model rooms are all I want in life…(Joking…. Kind of). I actually wouldn’t like working at large places and I realize both the places mentioned so far are quite large, but they’re too cool for the size to bother me too much. Either way, IKEA is one of my favorite places to go, if my family liked it half as much as I did, we’d go there even more often than we do now. As long as I don’t have to do any heavy lifting, I’d totally be down to work there. Hopefully in the bedding section.

3. Target- Another large place. Maybe I revoke my earlier statement? I get anxious in large stores but all the stores centered around topics that interest me are big. I don’t know, I just like Target. As much as I despise grocery shopping, Target is just awesome. It’s clean and their shopping carts don’t make incessant rickety noises. Plus I could rock that red polo and khakis without even trying.

4. Barnes and Noble- Another medium to large sized establishment. Sorry! But the environment in Barnes and Noble isn’t cold and empty like most. It’s so soothing in there and it’s quiet and peaceful (for the most part) and they also have built in Starbucks! I don’t even like coffee but that’s still pretty neat.

5. GameStop- I kind of just threw this one in for fun, because I used to be obsessed with the idea of working there but I’ve now moved on from it. Video games are pretty cool, but my problem is my knowledge of games dates from the mid 80’s to about 2005. I know very little about current games nor have I played many of the major games everyone would be asking questions about like first person shooters etc… So I’d probably be a pretty useless employee. I’d also probably end up sitting around playing Mario Kart 8 on the display console all day.

6. Menchies- I adore frozen yogurt and the stores are nice and small. It’s a simple concept and apart from people asking how the self service works, or what flavor is best (original all the way, btw), it seems fairly simple. The Menchies nearest to me is in downtown and I love downtowns of cities (don’t ask, it’s just another one of my weird things). Plus, free yogurt.

7. Chick-Fil-A- Ideally, food service would not be my first choice. However, if I had to, I’d say CFA would be one of my only decent options (and Menchies of course). You get every Sunday off, and I have never met an employee there that was anything less than extremely lovely. It seems like a great environment to work in. Being around happy people makes me happy and being happy at work is cool with me. Plus, free nuggets.

8. Movie Theater- Maybe I watched too much Drake and Josh but working at a movie theater seems fun and fairly simple. I like the theater environment and selling tickets seems easy enough. Plus, free snacks. (okay I’m done with the food related perks)

9. Real Estate Company- My dream career is to be a real estate agent. Interior design and homes in general are basically up there as two of my top passions (right alongside Super Mario 64 and chicken nuggets). It would be a dream for me to get to explore homes every day and help people in making the huge decision that is purchasing a home. Seems like a lot of pressure but I am so passionate about it that I would always be excited to go to work. I practically spend a lot of my free time doing home-related things anyway (watching HGTV, building houses on the Sims, organizing, surfing the Houzz app aka my favorite app EVER) so I would absolutely love it, or at least I think I would.